I Llive and Die
For Those I Llove
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  • Our Big Trips!

    Camping trip at Joshua Tree, overnight beach trip, and ski trip!

  • Smaller Events

    Lloyd ollympics, Midterm movie night, karaoke nights!

  • Winter Tradition: Lloyd Lights

    We build a large structure to hang from Caltech hall and spell Lloyd for all to see!

  • Sports!

    The most underrated interhouse lineup, JUST ENOUGH ATHLETES, and a premier Sunday League soccer team.

Questions about Lloyd?

ask lloydgpt, our AI trained to answer questions on Lloyd, rotation, and Caltech in general!

When is Red Door open? Can I really get a quesadilla at 1:55am?

What do I do if there are ants in my room?

Are all rooms in lloyd doubles? Also, what's a double?

Summarize the process of rotation for me

What are the excomm positions? How do I become president of Lloyd?

Who can I reach out to for emotional support?

or ask your own question:

(disclaimer: sometimes lloydgpt gets a little confused... to actually learn about Lloyd, pull up!)